A guide to buying the best dinner set

What is the best dinner set?

We understand the anxiety that you can feel. When you want to buy a good dinner set that is elegant .beautiful for the weekend dinner with your superiors but does not worry! The following comparison will take you right. The necessary place where you can obtain beautiful, sophisticated china that shows your personality.

A guide to buying the best dinner set

Here are the best dinner set :

1. Versailles porcelain dinner set with gold edge

With 83 pieces

This beautiful set of bowls will leave your bosses speechless! It is a classic model with ribbed shapes. Elizabethan reliefs, and gold edges, it is also translucent, soft, and very elegant.

It is made with the best raw materials, namely kaolin, feldspar, and quartz, which give it hardness and high resistance. It has been subjected to extremely rigorous tests that verify its quality. Making it goes through more than 1000 washes under unfavorable conditions.

Set includes 83 pieces, with 24 dinner plates, 12 dessert plates, 12 bowls, 1 soup bowl with lid, 1 large. Round dish, 2 large oval dishes, 1 sauceboat, 1 fruit wash, 1 small oval dish, 1 salad bowl, 12 cups of coffee, 12 saucers for coffee. 1 coffee pot with lid, 1 milk jug, and 1 sugar bowl with lid.

The dimensions of the product are 80 x 55 x 60cm, it weighs 45Kg and its price is really affordable.

2. Villa D’Este 18-Time Game Baita

Of beautiful colors

This set will definitely highlight your playful and laughing personality. It is a set of handmade plates for 6 people made of good quality glazed stoneware. It is hand-painted and it is excellent for a casual meal with friends or work colleagues.

Includes 6 flat plates, 6 bowls, and 6 for dessert. It is dishwasher safe and you can also put it in the microwave oven. It is a really beautiful product, each one of them has a suitable size. The opinion of the users confirms that they are resistant and well made.

This beautiful game has a low price, its measurements are 27 x 27 x 5cm and its weight is 9Kg.

3. Luminarc Carine – 10 Piece Dinner Set

Semi Square

This game is perfect for a newly married couple who are starting their life in a new home! It includes 6 positions or services with which you can obtain 6 flat plates of 26cm 3 white and 3 black, 6 deep plates of 21cm 3 white and 3 black, 6 dessert plates of 19cm 3 white and 3 black and a black salad bowl of 27cm.

This semi-square set is made with Luminarc glass that ensures robustness. Resistance and is suitable for your dishwasher, as well as for the microwave oven. They are really beautiful and perfect for a casual occasion or also for a slightly more formal dinner.

It has a low price, its measurements are 30 x 30.7 x 22cm and its weight is 8Kg

4. Luminarc Diwali – 19-Piece Round Dinnerware

White and round

This beautiful white crockery is made up of 6 flat plates of 25 cm. 6 deep plates without a brim of 20 cm, 6. Dessert plates of 19 cm, and a salad bowl of 21 cm. The Luminarc brand is characterized by developing resistant models. With modern lines that make them perfect for the most daring people.

You can place them in the dishwasher as well as in the microwave. They are stackable, resist temperature changes, and are made with opal glass. It has one of the lowest prices on the market. its measurements are 30 x 23 x 26cm and its weight is 7Kg.

Dinnerware Materials: Learning the Difference Between Stoneware and Porcelain

best dinner set

When buying dinnerware, whether casual or formal. You should know that there is a wide variety of materials to choose from. Porcelain, stoneware, among others, have their own qualities, characteristics, and also drawbacks.

In order for you to make the best decision. You will need to learn about the properties of the raw material.

Clay best dinner set

These are generally less expensive than other types of dishes. This type of material is nothing more than ceramic. That has been crystallized and fired and is normally used with hand-painted designs; In addition to this, they have a beautifully thick, heavy, and rustic look.

Always check with the manufacturer that this type of crockery is dishwasher safe. That it can be used in the microwave without causing any damage.


Another type of material with which bowls can be made in stoneware. This is generally much more durable as it contains glass that gives it more. Strength and is also thicker and more opaque than porcelain, for example.

Stoneware can be finished with a variety of glaze textures and is used on many occasions due to its versatility. You can safely place it in the microwave, dishwasher, oven, and freezer. But remember to be careful not to expose it to sudden changes in temperature.

Porcelain or China

Porcelain or China are terms that refer to earthenware made with the clay of fine particles. Usually composed of feldspar, kaolin, and quartz, which is cooked at a higher temperature.

This makes the resulting tableware extremely durable and non-porous. This process also allows the body to be thinner and more delicate, which gives it a translucent and beautiful appearance.

Most fine or luxury china is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. Much of the earthenware made with this material has gold, silver, or platinum edges, which should not be heated; In addition to this, keep in mind that detergents with lemon or citrus fruits could damage these metals.

Porcelain often has a more exclusive look and lends itself to being used in more formal dining occasions. But it is also good for making our everyday food something that has a little more elegance and sophistication.

Bone china

For the preparation of these dishes, the ashes of animal bones are mixed with porcelain. Clay and heated to a temperature slightly lower than that of the latter, all this in order to produce a very light. translucent, delicate material and with a milky appearance.

Despite its fragile appearance, it is actually the strongest and most durable type. It’s dishwasher safe and unless it has metal bands, you can place it in the microwave. Like china, bone china can be used to decorate the table daily or you can also reserve it for a more formal dinner.

Vitrified glass

This glass is generally quite opaque as it has been made at a very high temperature. In order to make it more durable and less porous. Also known as Corelle, this type of tableware has a patented laminate that is virtually indestructible. It will not even break if it falls to the floor, making it extremely. Ideal for those homes where there are children or for outdoor use.


This raw material is plastic and lightweight but at the same time, it has a tough, uncompromising, and shiny feel. It is indestructible making it ideal for children and/or outdoor use.

Generally, you can place it on the top level of the dishwasher, but not in the microwave or oven. Remember that you will not be able to heat food on it either. Melamine is BPA-free.

How are the dishes sold?

Tableware is generally sold in 3 different ways

By position

China and bone china are sold many times per position. For example, you could buy if you wanted, only the pieces for the places on the table that you need. It is recommended to start with 12 positions but it is clear that your needs could be different.

What can you find in each position? The most common you can get is the 5-piece set is a dinner plate. One for salad or dessert, a cup of tea, and a saucer. Don’t forget to buy the soup bowls too.

Per individual piece

Sometimes this type of china can be sold in bulk as part of a large collection. In this way, you can choose designs and colors within the same pattern. This is the ideal option for people who want to add variety to what they already have. Who wants to sign up for dinnerware that offers many more gift options.

Per set

These generally include between 16 and 20 pieces that will offer a full service for 4 people. What can you find in them? You’ll get a 20-piece set that includes a dinner plate, salad, soup bowl, teacup, and saucer.

A 16-piece set will have a large cup instead of a teacup and saucer. Without a doubt, it is a great choice for those looking for an excellent quality/price ratio.

Questions to consider before buying dinner set

The Best Dinner Set

Some things you should consider before purchasing dinnerware are:

Cost :

Generally, the more you play, the more refined and resistant your dishes will be. Fine bone china is generally the most expensive model. On the other hand, we have stoneware that is much cheaper as well as robust, and excellent for daily use, but it does not have the beauty and sophistication of china.

Shape and texture :

Get away from the old idea of ​​combo plates and add some contrasting pieces so you can get an instant contemporary update.

You can also play with the tactile nature of raised patterns and combine smooth and interesting designs, in this way you will adopt a much more individualized style that reflects your personality.

The soft, slightly curved and generous shapes reflect the taste of many people today. The edged earthenware, on the other hand, will give you a much more traditional style.

It is worth noting that the correct configuration of the dishes is determined by the food you are going to serve. For example, the appropriate bowl for risotto will always be a shallow container with a rim around the outside, this is so that you can eat it much more comfortably.

Another important factor to consider is the size of your dining table. If it is very narrow, then square designs will work better, you just have to play a little here and there to get the style that best suits your home.

Color :

Colored dinnerware will offer you a break from traditional white, but if your intention is to highlight food, then use a softer palette. Chocolate, gray and pale pink tones can be a good option in this case.

Introducing color is one of the easiest ways to update or reinvent tableware, allowing you to incorporate different shades, such as a classic white setting, for a more casual and bright look.

Pattern :

It will always be convenient that you play with color patterns, however, keep in mind that there is a golden rule: Make sure that matching the plates is quite simple.

A good trick is to buy designer pieces that are modern and combine them with a much more classic or vintage style. Note that these decorations are often applied with stickers or transfers, which means they may not be machine or microwave-safe.

Quality :

Proportion, balance, and craftsmanship are the criteria you should look for when it comes to quality. It is imperative that your china does not warp, that it is comfortable, and that it can rest safely and evenly on containers.

Dressing for the occasion :

The type of dishes that you select will also depend on the occasion on which you are going to use them. An earthenware for daily use, it will be ideal for large family dinners both indoors and outdoors. It is important that each of these parts is inexpensive and easy to replace.

That tableware intended to be used on special occasions will generally be made of fine porcelain, that will give you the touch of elegance that you are looking for. Always remember to ask yourself before offering dinner, will this be a modern, traditional, elegant, or more relaxed occasion?

Whether you add clay bowls or some with metallic decorations or rims, always choose something that reflects both your personality and that of your home.

The Best Dinner Set

How will you use it?

This will be used both for day-to-day and for special occasions. The daily ones will be subject to cracks, fractures, or blows, while those that you only have destined for special occasions, may be more fragile but you will surely treat them with more care.

In special moments, you can use those in bright colors to share with friends or family a meal that is not so elegant, but if you have your boss at home and you want to impress him, take out the china with gold or silver edges, this will create an atmosphere. formal that will give prestige to the occasion.

How many(best dinner set) places should I buy?

The term place setting denotes the number of pieces required to establish a place at the table. The cymbal set is available in 3, 4, and 5 pieces or even many more. Tapas and saucers are counted separately.

A 3-piece place, for example, is made up of a plate, cup, and saucer; a 4-piece configuration contains dinner plate, cup, saucer, and salad plate. A 5-piece place includes a dinner plate, cup, saucer, salad plate, bread, and butter, or soup plate.

For its part, the 7-piece places include the dinner plate, salad plate, bread and butter, cup, soup and/or cream plate, sauce bowl, and a saucer. The number of seats will depend on the size of your family and your plans for future meals.

Set of dishes to start

To get started, a prepackaged set containing at least 20 pieces is sufficient. Here you can find 4 plates for dinner, 4 for salad, 4 cups, saucers, and 4 bowls for soup or cereal.

If you choose the option of dishes for the aperitif, then you will get crockery for bread and butter but not for soup or cereal, but remember that the latter is much more versatile and you will be able to find many more functionalities.

This type of packaging is specially designed for people with simple requirements, such as students or a newly married couple.


When you buy eight or twelve bowls for dinnerware, many times the set will include some important accessories to match. A 45-piece will have 8 dinner plates, salad, soup, cups, saucers, butter, and bread plates, plus the cream bowl and a medium-sized saucer.

Larger ones will contain a large vegetable bowl, covered casseroles, sauce boats with their stand, sugar bowl with lid, and containers for salt and pepper.

A complete set

Many utensils will be available to be purchased separately. Complement sets vary in content, for example, a medium-sized round plate could come in conjunction with an open vegetable bowl, one for the sugar with its lid and another for the cream.

Open availability

When tableware is available for purchase individually, that does not mean that its stock is open indefinitely. Once the demand ceases, the manufacturer may not continue with the production of the same.

On the other hand, when the company claims that it will not stop manufacturing, that means that it will be available only when enough orders have accumulated for production to be profitable.

When a discontinued dinnerware is no longer available, ask if some items could be purchased from the factory. If not, then add a few from another manufacturer that is similar, or you can also get others in a solid color to match.

How to take care of your best dinner set?

The maintenance of your dishes will be vital so that you can enjoy it for many years. Follow these tips and you will not have problems:

  • Bone china : This material is suitable so that you can place it in your dishwasher. The use of a polish is recommended to minimize the impact of water on the surface or you can use an abrasive cleaner from time to time to remove some or other stains that appear over time.

Those with metal edges cannot be placed in the microwave. To avoid fractures, remember not to expose it to sudden changes in temperature.

  • Porcelain : This material can be used with confidence in the microwave but in order to achieve its longevity, it also avoids the sudden change of fever. Like china, small gray spots can occur over time, use a good cleaner to remove them.
  • Stoneware : You can place it in the dishwasher as well as in the oven with complete confidence, however, make sure that the temperature is not too high.
  • Earthenware : This material is known for its handmade look and vibe, for its strength and durability, which makes it excellent for everyday meals and casual parties.

It is recommended for your toilet, wash by hand using a mild soap that is neither citric nor abrasive. You can put it in the microwave but only in the medium or low settings, like the previous ones, you should also avoid sudden changes in temperature.

Conclusion paragraph: Thank you for reading this blog post! We would love to hear your thoughts on what makes a good dinner set. Please feel free to comment below or message us via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn with any feedback. Let’s talk more about the topic of buying a new dinnerware set and how to find one that meets all of your expectations.