How to Make Egg Fried Rice in Rice Cooker?

What is your favorite rice cooker recipe that is also easy to prepare?

For me, it’s rice cooker fried rice. Because easy to prepare and takes less than 30 minutes. For a busy day, this is a perfect side dish or even can be the main dish for lunch or dinner. However, here I’m going to share my recipe on how to make egg fried rice in rice cooker. Anyone can follow this recipe to make rice cooker egg fried rice within 30 minutes.

Egg Fried Rice in Rice Cooker

So, How to Cook Egg Fried Rice in Rice Cooker?

Almost all Asians have a rice cooker in their kitchen. And most of them use their rice cook rice. But besides rice, you can cook different foods using your rice cooker.

To make egg fried rice in a rice cooker, you can use either uncooked or cooked rice (or even leftover rice). Here I have used uncooked rice and for uncooked rice, you must use the right ratio of rice and water. Otherwise, rice will remain uncooked or get sticky.

how to make egg fried rice in rice cooker

However, following the same recipe, you can also make chicken fried rice or any type of fried rice dish.

To make this recipe simple and as I have only used my Panasonic Rice Cooker for this recipe, I have cooked everything together. But if you want, you can prepare vegetables and eggs in a frypan and cook rice in the rice cooker. Then mix them together.

But why I have used only a rice cooker?

Because I think, when people search for “how to make egg fried rice in electric rice cooker” or “how to make egg fried rice in rice cooker” that means they might have no access stovetops right now. So to make the process easier, I have used only a rice cooker.

rice cooker egg fried rice

In this egg fried rice recipe, I have used some mixed vegetables, eggs and uncooked rice. You can use frozen vegetables and sausages. And for those who want to use cooked or leftover rice, just prepare the vegetables and other ingredients first, then mix them with the cooked rice.