10 Essential Kitchen Tools Every Starter Kitchen Needs

If you have just become independent and start your journey in the kitchen. You will surely be wondering what do I need to have to cook? The kitchen has an almost endless amount of accessories. B there are undoubtedly a few utensils that can not be missing in any kitchen. That is why I bring you my ten basic utensils for the kitchen. Without them, my kitchen is as if it were empty and I use them daily. So you will undoubtedly take advantage of each of the tools that I share below.


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Knives are, without a doubt, the essential element in every kitchen. But we anticipate that not just anyone is worth it. Not everyone can afford a set of professional knives. But we can buy a basic pack that we assure that you will end up amortizing. Especially if you like to spend time in the kitchen.

If you are an amateur in the kitchen or want to start something. We suggest you have at least 3 basic knives that you are going to use yes or yes. A peeling knife for fruits and vegetables, light and with a narrow blade; a chef’s knife, of good size and very versatile. And a serrated or baker’s knife, which although a priori may not seem like it. Will make you’re day-to-day much easier.

If you want to go a step further, you can buy a ham knife. That will help you create thin slices of ham but also fish or other meats; the fillet knife, perfect for a clean cut of raw and cooked meat and fish; and the santoku knife, an all-rounder that we recommend purchasing if you already have a medium-high level in this kitchen.

This is fundamental within the fundamentals. Good knives are an essential tool to make any dish. The best example of its importance is found in professional chefs. Most of whom go nowhere without their personal set of knives. But among all the types of knives. The most important for me will be a chef’s knife, a lace, a peeler, and a serrated knife.

Cutting board(kitchen-utensils)

Cutting boards are almost a must in any kitchen. They serve to protect surfaces, help maintain the sharpness of knives. And generally make the process of cutting food more hygienic. 

If you think about it, beyond the manufacturing materials (plastic, wood, silicone, metal, etc.) and their size. It’s difficult to imagine much innovation during a seemingly simple utensil. Tricky until you meet Lidl’s latest invention: the multifunctional cutting board.

The kitchen table is an indispensable utensil in the kitchen. And many times we make the mistake of letting ourselves go and buy the most beautiful one. Leaving functionality in the background. Looking for aesthetics in the kitchen is very good, since, like it or not. We have to spend a lot of time in this space but in the case of tables. We recommend opting for the most practical.

A good kitchen board will be made of a hard material to prevent bacteria from entering the cuts we make. The most recommended material is wood, followed by marble. Although in this case special care must be taken with hygiene since bacteria can proliferate on this non-porous surface.

Finally, plastic kitchen boards are less resistant than wooden ones. So it is good to change them when they are damaged since microorganisms can get into the grooves. Whatever your board, do good maintenance and cleaning!

A good cutting board will be the perfect ally for our knives. Personally, I like the wooden ones, although currently for hygiene the plastic ones prepared for food are more recommended. The ideal is to have two, one that we will use for vegetables and another for meat products. In this way, we will avoid cross-contamination of food. Its use not only makes chopping more comfortable but also helps keep our knives in better condition.

Measuring jug(kitchen-utensils)

A measuring jug will save you from more than one trouble since it is used for many things. You can measure liquid and solid ingredients for many of your recipes. The only drawback is that sometimes they are not very accurate. Especially if we acquire them at a very low cost.

We recommend that you make a small investment and buy a glass or measuring jug from a trusted brand. In addition, it is preferable that it has a narrow base and not so wide. Since in this way we will be guided by the marks with more precision. We will be able to use our arm mixer with less danger of splashing. If we make mayonnaise or a light dough, for example.

As for the material, the glass and plastic ones are more intuitive as they are transparent. But if you like stainless steel measuring jugs, there are some high-quality ones that will last you a long time.

Some may think, give me a cup and a spoon and. I will have all the measurements I need to cook. Although you can take references of the quantities in this way. When we prepare certain types of food, it is very important. To put the exact amounts of the recipes and with the meters, we do not run risks. In addition, we will always have a reliable reference. We can find them in the form of a glass and spoons.



Pots and pans(kitchen-utensils)

You don’t have to buy a whole set of kitchen utensils. You can choose the best skillet from a wide variety of brands and types. Buy less, but buy the simplest you’ll afford. Quality is important, so choose sturdy pots and pans. Cheap, thin metals will warp, dent, and can burn food and you, too. Good pans can last a lifetime cooking.

Here are some tips to get started:

  • 8-quart (7.5-liter) pot with lid. For boiling pasta, steaming vegetables (with an accessory), and cooking soups and stews. Make sure you choose one that you can comfortably hold when filled with liquid.
  • 3.7 liter (4 quart) saucepan with lid. It works the same as the 8-quart (7.5-liter), but is smaller. Good to have one for when other pans are being used or when preparing a small amount of food.
  • 2 qt (1.9 liter) saucepan with lid. For cooking rice or other cereals, cooking sauces, and heating canned foods or leftovers.
  • 12-inch nonstick skillet. For sauteed meats and vegetables. If you buy a deep one with rounded sides, it can also be used for stir fry.
  • 8-inch nonstick skillet. Perfect for omelettes, eggs, or grilled sandwiches for lunch.
  • Steamer accessory. Collapsible accessory that fits a wide variety of pan sizes.

For frying or grilling a good Teflon pan is essential. We will use it daily, as it can be used to make most of our dishes. In this instrument, we must choose a high-quality one. Because in the long run, it will be more worth it than buying the cheapest one we can find. But above all, we must take care of it to extend its life. We will avoid utensils that can grate it or overheat it.


Discover the 10 essential kitchen utensils that you cannot miss

This small appliance is really useful, especially if we get a quality blender with various accessories. The essential thing is to have the typical mixer arm to grind and beat, for example, to prepare a gazpacho. On the other hand, the rods are also practical, to mix and beat without having to do it by hand. To whip cream or bring the egg whites to snow, the rods are really comfortable.

5 Tips for Buying a Top Powerful Blender

So that you have a better idea of which powerful blender to buy. We have compiled a series of tips which we are sure will be of great help when choosing.

  • Power : The first thing you should be aware of is the power of the model of your interest. Since the more powerful it is, you will be able to mix and blend all kinds of ingredients quickly and easily. Additionally you will always get the textures you want.
  • Capacity : On the other hand, you should not stop paying attention to the capacity of the glass, the more capacity it has, the greater amounts of mixture you can beat . So when choosing, we recommend you take into account how large your family .And also make sure that if the glass is made of plastic, it is BPA-free.
  • Easy to use : If what you are looking for is a model from the top of powerful blenders it is important .That you look at models that are easy to use, with an intuitive keypad and if it has pre-programmed programs much better, since it allows you to make preparations quickly.
  • Stability : Another point that you should pay attention to is the size.Stability of the machine of your interest, our recommendation is that you choose a model .That has the ideal size to adapt to your concinna and that also has non-slip legs or base so that don’t move when you’re mixed.
  • Materials : Finally, make sure that the model of your interest is made with quality materials so that it will last for a long time . Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to the fact that its blades are made of stainless steel. A base in stainless steel or resistant plastic and that its motor has overload protection.



A grater is an essential kitchen utensil that you will end up using yes or so. With a multi-sided manual grater. You can do many things, some even act as a mandolin. And you can cut vegetables such as potatoes or zucchini into very thin slices. 

With the different sides of a manual grater. You can crush tomatoes to make the sauce, create carrot shavings for your salads or your carrot cake. Grate the cauliflower to make a light couscous, or, of course, grate cheese to put the finishing touch to your Pasta dish.

In addition, with the smallest part you can also grate condiments such as nutmeg, citrus peel, apple, chocolate, garlic, ginger … It is an all-terrain kitchen utensil! 

Non-stick pans of various sizes


The frying pan is the must-have kitchen gadget that most of us think of first, after knives. One of the factors to consider if you are going to buy pans is the size. We have a gas or electric stove, we have different types of hobs, and our pans must adapt to them.

If you are making a fried egg, you will not use a large skillet. But a smaller one, just as you would not make a vegetable skillet in a small skillet. Adapting the size of the pan to the fire will help us save energy. The heat is better distributed over the surface.

In addition to the food not sticking. We want the pan to have a minimum of durability. If possible, an ergonomic handle since we will work with them on a daily basis. If you are a practical person, do not buy an iron pan, since it needs a lot of care. But if you are one of those who pamper your kitchen utensils. You can investigate because it is a very good option.

Wooden and silicone scoops and spoons

To avoid grating the pans, the wooden and silicone shovels and .spoons are great allies. and also, they weigh little and last a long time. They are the best option! Until a few years ago, silicone had not become, But now this material coexists in kitchens with traditional wooden utensils.

The pastry tongue is the most common silicone instrument. And especially if you are addicted to homemade pastries, one of these cannot be missed. As it will help you not to waste even a drop of dew. They are also great for checking if the edges of the potato. Omelets are properly peeled off before turning it over, and this is just one example!


As for the wooden shovels and spoons, they are old acquaintances. That will help keep your pans in good condition for longer since they do not scratch the surface. So you will be able to stir the food with total confidence that you will not scratch them. 

These tools will be the perfect allies of our pans. Well, the silicone will not punish the surface of this and it is more hygienic than the well-known wooden spoons. They are used for almost everything and it is always convenient. To have at least two or three of these, for when we prepare different dishes.

Vegetable peeler( kitchen-utensils )


Many people get by with the paring knife, but a vegetable peeler is excellent. You are not very skilled, as it will allow you to remove the skin. A practical way and with only a thin layer of the skin.

The vegetable peeler, in addition to making it easier for us to remove the skin from our potatoes or carrots. Can also be used to create ribbons of vegetables. Eat them with a very original presentation, as if they were real noodles. The zucchini is the most popular, but the carrot ones are also very good. Test it!

Oven dish(kitchen-utensils)

A source that resists the heat of the oven is essential. A very versatile kitchen utensil since it will serve us both for cold preparations. For our dishes cooked at high temperatures. Personally, I like glass dishes. Because they allow me to see the food well, but when using molds, such as to make a cake. I prefer silicone ones. This type of mold also allows you to use them in the microwave. Which gives a double performance to the same utensil.

We can prepare many dishes such as cannelloni, meats, such as these delicious baked sausages, or even cakes. In addition, it is also a perfect fresh for you.

These are the ten essentials that I use practically daily and. Without which I could not prepare the various recipes that I share with you here. What are yours? Would you add or remove any of the utensils on the list? Are you able to cook with less? Tell us your opinion or questions below, we love to give you the floor.